Video Game Composition

Are you a games developer looking for music in your latest game? Getting the right music in your game can be hard but if you get it right it can take your game to the next level. Before you reach for that stock music track maybe consider hiring a video game composer. By hiring a composer like me you can get exactly what you want. We can work together to discuss your ideas and come up with a brief, we can make tweaks and changes along the way and adapt to any unforeseen outcomes. With a custom-made composition, you are in complete control, you don’t have to make any compromises.

Still not totally convinced? By adding music to your game you can increase a players emersion in the world you have created. You can make your game more memorable, more mesmerizing and more engaging. In short, it is that special sauce you sprinkle on the top to turn the very good into the sublime.

Whatever your budget, whatever your needs, I am here to help you create something unique that will stand out from the crowd. Please drop me a line, I would love to hear about your project and help you to achieve gaming greatness.

Miners Mettle – Singular Scheme (PC)

Miner’s Mettle is an artillery-based real-time strategy game. On an isolated and lawless mining planet, you’ll need accurate shooting and tactical prowess to return safely with precious resources!

Silk – iHobo Games (PC, Switch and PS4)

Enter the biggest handcrafted open world of all time, fifty times larger than Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall! Explore three million square miles of uncharted terrain from Roman Damascus to Three Kingdoms China in an exploration RPG that transports you onto the Ancient Silk Road of 200AD.

Pavor – Helios Games (PC)

Pavor is a first-person horror adventure game set on a nightmarish island, inspired by the real-life Isla de las Muñecas (Island of the Dolls). As the name implies, the island is covered with dolls of all shapes and sizes, damaged and decayed over years of exposure to the elements. The game is split up into five chapters spanning across different time periods, each one following a different character as they explore this terrifying place and try to uncover the truth about its origins and the spirits that haunt it. But as mysteries are unravelled and the dolls grow restless, can you guide these poor souls to survival?