Miners Mettle Official Album

Miners Mettle Official Album

I am pleased to announce the release of Miners Mettle the official album. Over the last couple of years, I have had the pleasure of working with Singular Scheme creating the music for their debut release Miners Mettle. We are now releasing the Miners Mettle Official Album to coincide with the full release of the game which is due imminently.

The guys at Singular describe Miners Mettle as:

“Miner’s Mettle is a blend of artillery shooting and real-time strategy! Four factions fight for supremacy on an uninhabitable mining planet. You must ensure that your faction not only survives but also secures a sizable cache of the miracle mineral, Pentum.

You will explore and survey harsh terrain for mineral deposits. Return to safety with the minerals, and you’ll be able to research and build exciting new technologies that will expand your tactical options against your competitors. This tech can be installed on your armed trains, allowing you to customize each one and fulfil different roles in your strategic plans.”

The album is available to listen to on YouTube through my channel as well as being available to listen to on many other popular streaming platforms.

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The album contains 28 tracks of all the in-game music. Tracks 1-14 (disc 1) is music that was composed for the campaign missions. Tracks 15-26 (disc 2) contains tracks written for the multiplayer game along with music created for other in-game items like the menus, defeat or victory screens and the game trailer. The final 2 tracks (disc 3) are a couple of bonus tracks that were written but never used in the game.

Miners Mettle contains 4 distinct factions and each faction has its own style of music to match. Kylian is your more traditional Sci-Fi, the Responders have a religious tinge to their music, Iron Strike is heavily percussive and Zed has an Asian feel to their music.

Please take a listen, add to playlists, share and leave any comments.

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