Call of the Ancestors (Omen by Silence+Other Sounds) Demo

Call of the Ancestors

Call of the Ancestors is an intense and powerful mystical track created using Omen by Silence+Other Sounds. I recently purchased the library and was inspired to write the below track. The composition has two distinct sections. The first section is more aggressive using the War Phrase Builder, Vocal Horns, Rhythmic Chants and Percussion. The second section is more sorrowful using the vocal layers patch. The track is not exclusively Omen as I supplemented it, as I would with other compositions, with other libraries but the staring sounds within the track are from Omen. I reached out to Silence+Other Sounds and they have been kind enough to post the track on their Facebook Page.


Before using the library I thought it might be a little limited in its uses but having used it I think it could be more versatile, as hopefully demonstrated in the above composition. I found the library intuitive to use and had a good amount of flexibility in the patches to allow me to adjust the sounds to fit my desired outcome for the composition. There is a good choice of vocal styles and sounds in the library. The library comes with 8 different instruments:

1 – Vocal Layers
2 – Rhythmic Chants
3 – Phrase Builder WAR
4 – Phrase Builder SORCERY
5 – Vocal Horns
6 – Growls-Whispers
7 – Sentences
8 – Percussions Loops

The Vocal Layers patch is probably the patch that I will use the most in future compositions but I could see myself using all of the instruments at different points in time.

For more information on the library please visit the Silence+Other Sounds website.
For more of my latest work please see my latest new section.

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