Film & TV Composition

Need some music for your latest film or TV series? Not quite found the perfect track, maybe the track you are looking for doesn’t exist yet? The solution is to commission a film & TV composer to write you the perfect soundtrack. By hiring a composer, like me, you can get exactly what you want. We can work together to discuss your ideas and come up with a brief, we can make tweaks and changes along the way and adapt to any unforeseen outcomes. With a custom-made soundtrack, you are in complete control, you don’t have to make any compromises.

What is a film without music? The music you add to your picture will help convey the emotions and meanings of a scene. It will help immerse the viewer into the world you have created, connect them to your characters, their personalities and struggles. A good soundtrack will draw your viewer in and leave a lasting impression.

Whatever your budget, whatever your needs, I am here to help you create something unique that will stand out from the crowd. Please drop me a line, I would love to hear about your project and help you to leave that lasting impression.

West World Car Chase

Written in response to the Spitfire/HBO scoring competition.

Diocese of Exeter – Take Time Out

Written for the Diocese of Exeter to accompany their Take Time Out to Consider the Bluebells video

Four Acre Field – Where Dahilas Grow

Written for the Four Acre Field to accompany their Where Dahlias Grow video